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Coaches / Volunteers

To become a Coach or Volunteer, please sign up on our Registration page.

Background Checks, Clearances, Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Concussion Training.

Schnecksville Playground Association follows state laws, along with any exceptions or additions as required law.

All background checks are good for 5 years from the date they were processed.

As part of the PA state law for volunteers, two background checks are required to allow people to volunteer in our organization. We now also require Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Concussion Training. 

  1. ACT-34: PA Child Abuse Check (Free):
  2. ACT-151: PA Criminal History Check (Free):
  3. Sudden Cardiac Arrest:
  4. Concussions:

Additional details for each background check and Trainings are below:

Volunteer Clearance Information and Application Procedures

The cost of obtaining the Pennsylvania Criminal Record Check (Act 34) and the Child Abuse History Clearance Act ( Act 151)  is waived ($0.00) when indicating the purpose of the clearances as “Volunteer”.

Act 34 – PA Criminal Background

  • Please select “employment” for the Purpose of Request entry
  • Apply online via the “epatch” system at
  • Results should be instantaneous unless they are “under review” in which case, note your reference number and date of application and use that information to check back on the “epatch” website periodically until your results are available.
  • Print to PDF clearance (be sure you click all the way through to the “certification form” button – the document you print must show your social security number, DOB, etc.) and submit to SPA with other clearances.
  • IMPORTANT – PLEASE NOTE: When you go into the PA Criminal Background clearance to view and print it, if you don’t either SAVE or PRINT (to PDF) out the clearance by clicking on the “CERTIFICATION” button, you will NOT BE ABLE to view or print out the actual clearance if you go back into the site. The CERTIFICATION button is just above the “BACK” button. Please be certain to PRINT (to PDF) your certification/clearance form before closing the page.

Act 151 – PA Child Abuse

  • Apply online at
  • You will need to create an account with a valid email address in order to apply (please follow directions carefully)
  • This is a new online procedure; response time is anywhere between immediate and 2 weeks.
  • Print to PDF clearance and submit to SPA with other clearances

There are now two additional mandatory trainings for Baseball, Lacrosse and basketball. You will need to watch the below training videos and send the certificates to the appropriate league organizer. 

  1. Sudden Cardiac Arrest:
  1. Concussions:

Coaches Code of Conduct

All coaches are required to agree to the SPA Coaches Code of Conduct during registration.